Special guest appearance of Jean-Claude Van Damme at the FIFCL!

JCVD will be there for the FIFCL this November! Martial arts phenomenon, TV star, film star, film director and producer: Jean-Claude Van Damme is all this and more.  He’s a Belgian star, but also a celebrity in the English-speaking world.  For him, Brussels to Hollywood was just a step; and...

Karin Viard, guest of honour at the 2022 FIFCL!

80 films, seen by 49 million filmgoers, 3 Césars: Karin Viard, with her contagious smile, is quite simply one of the most popular French actresses of the last 30 years. The FIFCL is looking forward to paying tribute to her immense talent during our 7th Festival, by giving her a...

Meeting Michel Boujenah

Lately, we’ve seen him on the stage more often than on the screen, so it will be a huge honour to welcome the great Michel Boujenah to the FIFCL on Monday 7 November, and award him a Crystal Bull for his overall career. It is also the perfect time to...

FIFCL 2022: Le petit piaf opens the festival!

Gérard Jugnot is an accomplished actor and director, a cornerstone of French cinema (famous for Les Bronzés, where he acted alongside his long-time colleagues and friends, as well as Monsieur Batignole and Les Choristes). He will mark the opening of the FIFCL at the Forum on 3 November, where he...

The official 2022 poster has been revealed!

The official poster for the 7th Liège International Comedy Film Festival shines a spotlight on Benoît Poelvoorde, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of C’est arrivé près de chez vous

The FIFCL is going global with TV5 Monde!

The FIFCL is extending its international reach with TV5 Monde! Giving us coverage around the world, including at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, the French television channel has joined the ranks of our privileged partners.

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