Nathalie Baye
will open the 2023 edition!

More than 100 films, 4 Césars and a taste for laughter, well worth 1 Taureau d’Or

A prolific and eclectic artist, muse to Godard, Chabrol and Truffaut, Nathalie Baye has ALSO left her elegant mark on comedy, from Jeanne Labrune’s “Ça ira mieux demain” to Tonie Marshall’s “Vénus Beauté Institut”, via Bruno Chiche’s “Barnie et ses petites contrariétés”, Gabriel Aghion’s “Absolument fabuleux” and Steven Spielberg’s “Arrête-moi si tu peux”.

We’ll be prodigiously, immensely, indescribably proud to honor this luminous, audacious actress at the 8th FIFCL, where she’ll be at the top of the bill. After an exceptional meeting with festival-goers/accredited guests, hosted by Philippe Reynaert, we’ll be delighted to present him with a slab bearing his name on our Liège Walk of Fame (rue Pont d’Avroy) and a Golden Bull for his entire career, at the Opening Ceremony at the Forum, on Thursday November 2 at 8:15 pm. Will you be there?

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