FIFCL 2022: Le petit piaf
opens the festival!

Gérard Jugnot is an accomplished actor and director, a cornerstone of French cinema (famous for Les Bronzés, where he acted alongside his long-time colleagues and friends, as well as Monsieur Batignole and Les Choristes). He will mark the opening of the FIFCL at the Forum on 3 November, where he will present the national Belgian preview of his film Le Petit Piaf alongside the film’s team.

In addition to this presentation, he will also have a meet and greet with festivalgoers and accredited press. It’s going to be fun!

Over a 48 year-long career that has combined laughter and drama, Gérard Jugnot has shot 121 films and TV series, and received an anniversary prize at the 2021 Césars. He attended the FIFCL in 2019, to present an award to his friend Thierry Lhermitte.

LE PETIT PIAF – Synopsis

In a small village, somewhere on Réunion Island, 10-year-old Nelson dreams of becoming a singer, and has signed up for Star Kids. His friend Mia, along with her little brother Zizou, is determined to find him a coach to help him get ready for the competition. She chooses Pierre Leroy, a singer from Paris, currently on tour and performing at the seaside hotel where Nelson’s mother works. But sparks fly between reclusive, disenchanted Pierre and proud, stubborn Nelson. Will their shared passion for singing, the only thing they have in common, be enough to bring them closer and heal their wounds?

  • Director: Gérard Jugnot
  • Screenwriter(s): Serge Lamadie, Alexandre Fouchard, Marie-Claire Javoy, Fabrice Bracq
  • French distribution: Gaumont Distribution
  • Belgian distribution: Athena Films 
  • Production country: France
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Belgium release date: 21 December 2022
  • Cast: Soan Arhimann, Marc Lavoine, Gérard Jugnot, Philippe Duquesne