8th edition

Liège International Comedy
Film Festival 

From November 2 to 6, 2023

8th edition

Liège International Comedy
Film Festival 

From November 2 to 6, 2023

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Meet Patriiiiiiick!

Committed artist, prolific singer-songwriter, attentive producer, generous actor, Patrick Bruel knows how to do everything! From the stage to the cinema, there are only a few steps, which he crosses cheerfully, in both directions, since 1979 and Le coup du Sirocco. From La maison assassinée to Alors regarde, from scenes...

Rendezvous with Christian Clavier!

We wouldn’t want to offend him by writing that he seduced generations of moviegoers, or by implying that he started shooting in an era that people under 2×20 years old can’t know. And yet! Monument of comedy, legend of French cinema, founding member of the Splendid, Christian Clavier is everywhere,...

Kev Adams is back!

He had touched the heart of the people of Liège, and that of the jury, during the 6th edition of the FIFCL. Kev Adams returns on Saturday, November 5, for an exceptional meeting around his latest film, “Maison de Retraite”, by Thomas Gilou. After awarding him a Crystal Bull in...

Benoît Poelvoorde, not only on the poster of the FIFCL!

For its 7th edition, which will take place next November, the Liege Comedy Film Festival confirms the presence of Benoît Poelvoorde, and much more! It is indeed several moments of exception that the organizers reserve to their public.“We will bring together Vincent Tavier, André Bonzel and Benoit Poelvoorde on Friday,...

Liège International Comedy
Film Festival

Since 2016, the Liège International Comedy Film Festival has been bringing together a large and diverse audience around comedy, in all its forms. Sentimental, dramatic, social, horrific. From here, from elsewhere, from further away. Discover the guests, the favourites, the meetings and the surprises of this 8th Editing!

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FIFCL: numbers, letters, and enthusiasts!

The International Comedy Film Festival of Liege federates, through humor and laughter. It encourages meetings and exchanges on the banks of the Meuse. It sharpens minds, to engender tolerance. In 7 editions, it totals :


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