Beckenrand Sheriff

Long métrage en compétition

Comédie by Marcus H. Rosenmüller

Film length : 113 min
Year : 2021
Original language : German (ST French)
Country : Germany
Beckenrand Sheriff

Milan Peschel, Dimitri Abold, Sebastian Bezzel

Marcus H. Rosenmüller


The rules of lifeguard Karl (Milan Peschel) are legendary - and the rudeness he displays at Grubberg's outdoor pool even more so. It's been 30 years since the sheriff of the pond has been waiting for swimmers. Visitors who make themselves desired and not only because of Karl's rough and unaccommodating character.
The costs are high for this pool, which is considered too old, so that the mayor (Gisela Schneeberger) is considering its closure. The owner, Albert Dengler (Sebastian Bezzel), sees this as the perfect opportunity to acquire the land and build new apartments.

But Karl, who doesn't intend to stop there, sees more and more ambition in him: a popular initiative and 600 signatures could prevent the closing of the pool. To do this, Karl needs the help of Sali (Dimitri Abold), a young Nigerian who is better integrated than him in the local community. Karl will have to use his charm or at least restore the water polo team's shine to keep the pool open. With one condition: teach Sali to swim so he can join the team as a goalie. The two lifeguards will receive unexpected help from Dr. B. B. B., a physician at the University of Toronto. Rieger (Rick Kavanian), Karl's bitter rival, and Lisa, an ex-professional swimmer, who is decidedly inseparable from Sali.