Cosmopolitan and welcoming, Liège has loads of places where you can enjoy delicious food. For example:

Old Liege

Le vieux Liège is the former museum tavern on rue Saint-Georges in our Cité Ardente. In a building with listed facades, we welcome you in a Franco-Liège culinary atmosphere.

Chez Gillou

Chez Gillou
“is the story of a passionate caterer who leaves marketing to devote himself to his passion: cooking. Specializing in traditional Texas smokers, including smoked salmon and pulled pork, everything is homemade and artisanal. A bespoke chef who adapts to your kitchen or his foodtruck.

“You become a cook, but you’re born a rotisseur”.

Bovaria Brewery

Parc de la Boverie’s best-kept secret. For a drink on the terrace or a casual meal, brasserie Bovaria offers a fine selection of wines and top-quality Franco-Italian cuisine on a menu hand-crafted by local artisans.


Vinicurien is a wine bar nestled in Outremeuse. Here you’ll find a range of 24 wines available by the glass, self-serve, thanks to the revolutionary Enomatic technology… and other nuggets served by the ViniFam’, 3 passionate and exciting sisters. A meeting place for wine connoisseurs, where you can share the stories of selected small winemakers, tapas… and emotional moments.

Rouge du Poivre

Rouge du Poivre is located on the second floor of Stand 1 at Standard de Liège. Nicolas Calcagnini and his team offer sublime, modern European cuisine. Come and discover a festival of flavours in a unique and enchanting setting!

Address: Rue de la Centrale, 4000 Liège


At Parlemo, pleasure only counts if it’s shared. Here you’ll find amazing grape varieties and sunny, flavorful cuisine, concocted by a father-son duo whose creativity is astounding.

Address: Rue des Carmes 9c, 4000 Liège

Alla Terrazza

Alla Terrazza, located on Liège’s popular Place des Carmes, promises an unforgettable culinary experience. The cozy, flowery, hushed setting is a perfect match for a polished menu of Italian dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients and lots and lots of love.

Brasserie du Bernalmont

Inspired cuisine, Italian flavours, matured meats direct from Rungis (from which you choose the cuts!), and a view of the golf course green: the
Brasserie du Bernalmont
is all this, and a little more.

Address: Rue Bernalmont 2, 4000 Liège


Laurens travels the world in search of unique ideas for YUST‘s food sharing menu. That’s why you can taste the fusion of different cultures in every food sharing recipe. He uses only seasonal and local produce in his creations for the restaurant. Laurens honed his cooking skills in a Melbourne restaurant. And, thanks to her art degree, every food sharing dish looks like a little masterpiece.

Address: Esplanade Simone Veil 2, 4000 Liège


When you go to Baci, you’re sure to enjoy refined Mediterranean-influenced cuisine in the heart of an emblematic venue on Liège’s cultural scene: the magnificent salons of the Théâtre de Liège.

Address: Le Théâtre de Liège, place du Vingt-Août 16, 4000 Liège

Riva Brasserie

All aboard the Riva Brasserie for a rich and varied dinner cruise, with a (breathtaking) view over the Meuse. By the way, it’s also a prime location to try fresh lobster!

L’Olivier des Sens

With a scene from the film Marius stylized on the main wall, theOlivier des Sens room transports you to Marseille’s Old Port, in the direction of the South! A contemporary setting, a menu full of Mediterranean flavours, with a strong emphasis on fish and shellfish… A native of Narbonne, chef Manuel Béjar offers creative French cuisine with generous promises.

Address: Avenue Laboulle 18B, 4130 Tilff

La Linière

Aménagé dans un ancien couvent du 18e siècle, au centre de la Cité ardente, l’hôtel Ramada a gardé un caractère historique. S’installer, pour une heure ou une soirée, dans le décor de voûtes en briques de son bar-restaurant, c’est s’offrir un moment hors du temps…

Adresse : Rue Saint-Léonard 182 à 4000 Liège


Just a stone’s throw from the heart of the Festival, l’Élysée offers craft cocktails, local beer, seafood platters to share (or not), lively and cheerful cuisine… and a warm Liège atmosphere. Everything we love!

Address: Boulevard de la Sauvenière 153, 4000 Liège

Riva Brasserie

We board the
Riva Brasserie
for a rich and varied tasting cruise, with a breathtaking view of the Meuse River. It’s also the place to go for fresh lobster!

Address : Esplanade Albert 1er, 7, 4000 Liège

Trattoria Maccheroni

The Maccheroni is much more than a restaurant or a trattoria: this is a place where the tradition of heaped plates made by Italian grandmothers meets today’s cooking techniques and trends. Come to try something new, and come back to try something delicious.

La coupe magique

The menu for La Coupe Magique, designed by Denis Rutten, shines a spotlight on farm-to-table and local produce. Innovative, always varied, it evolves with the seasons, while revisiting old classics with new-found originality. What’s more, the wine and champagne bar on the first floor will take even the most blasé visitors by surprise.


In the heart of the Ardent City of Liège, Marghé offers delectable pizze, “balancing Italian tradition and innovation, old-school flavours and contemporary palates”. You will also find delicious insalate, dolci, and several absolutely fabulous cocktails.

Saga Cafe Wine Bar

In the morning, breakfast for newspaper readers. From noon onwards, people flock here for an efficient salad, the suggestion of the week, the tasty Parmigiana or the vegetarian risotto. In the evening, the
Saga Café
is the place to be for chic aperitifs, afterworks, pre-dinner drinks, terrace dinners and romantic rendezvous.

Address: Place des Carmes 7, 4000 Liège

Leblanc House

The best meat deserves the shortest route from stall to plate. Here, butcher and chef, fridge and stove, are neighbors. The meats are Belgian and from around the world, the cuts ideal, the cooking relevant, the accompaniment perfect… Settle down, for the time of a meal, at
La Maison Leblanc
is to visit continents and family traditions by the byways.

La Petite Épicerie

Gourmandise begins when you’re no longer hungry “, as the saying goes.
La Petite Épicerie
has understood this: you can try all the dishes on the menu in smaller, tapas-style portions, on your own or with friends! Belgian, Italian or Spanish, we’ve got them all!

Address: Rue Bonne Fortune 9, 4000 Liège

Il Baro

Il Baro and its chef Marco represent quintessential Italian cuisine in Liège. Pasta just like how they make it over there, seasonal produce, pizze once a month, and, for more intimate evenings, champagne menus on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


The Bovaria brasserie-restaurant offers a delectable blend of Italian and French cuisines, in an idyllic setting. Nestled in the heart of the Parc de la Boverie, it offers one of the most beautiful views over the Meuse, which can be admired even on rainy days from under the veranda.