Cosmopolitan and welcoming, Liège has loads of places where you can enjoy delicious food. For example:

Le Déclin

The menu for Le Déclin offers typical French cuisine – with international inspiration. You can choose to savour each dish in the traditional way, or opt for smaller portions to discover more of them! Déclin (masculine noun, French): that which is reduced. What a perfect definition for this concept!

Riva Brasserie

All aboard the Riva Brasserie for a rich and varied dinner cruise, with a (breathtaking) view over the Meuse. By the way, it’s also a prime location to try fresh lobster!

Trattoria Maccheroni

The Maccheroni is much more than a restaurant or a trattoria: this is a place where the tradition of heaped plates made by Italian grandmothers meets today’s cooking techniques and trends. Come to try something new, and come back to try something delicious.

La coupe magique

The menu for La Coupe Magique, designed by Denis Rutten, shines a spotlight on farm-to-table and local produce. Innovative, always varied, it evolves with the seasons, while revisiting old classics with new-found originality. What’s more, the wine and champagne bar on the first floor will take even the most blasé visitors by surprise.

Saga Cafe Wine Bar

In the morning, enjoy breakfast while you read the newspaper. Midday brings with it a hearty salad, the dish of the week, delicious Parmigiana, as well as vegetarian risotto. In the evening, the Saga Café becomes the de facto meeting spot for high-end apéros, after-work parties, dinners on the terrace, and romantic dates.


In the heart of the Ardent City of Liège, Marghé offers delectable pizze, “balancing Italian tradition and innovation, old-school flavours and contemporary palates”. You will also find delicious insalate, dolci, and several absolutely fabulous cocktails.

Maison Leblanc

The best meat deserves the shortest trip from the cattle shed to the plate. Here, the butcher is the chef, and the refrigerator and oven are neighbours. The meat is from Belgium and beyond, the cut is just right, the cooking is perfectly suited, the garnish is flawless. Sit down for a meal at Maison Leblanc, and you will visit the continents and family tradition through winding roads.

La Petite Épicerie

They say that true indulgence begins when you’re no longer hungry. La Petite Épicerie understands this perfectly: you can taste all the dishes on the menu, alone or as a group, in smaller portions, tapas-style! Belgian, Italian, Spanish foods, everything is up for grabs!

Il Baro

Il Baro and its chef Marco represent quintessential Italian cuisine in Liège. Pasta just like how they make it over there, seasonal produce, pizze once a month, and, for more intimate evenings, champagne menus on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


The Bovaria brasserie-restaurant offers a delectable blend of Italian and French cuisines, in an idyllic setting. Nestled in the heart of the Parc de la Boverie, it offers one of the most beautiful views over the Meuse, which can be admired even on rainy days from under the veranda.

Boutique du FIFCL