Liège ?

La Batte

The largest and oldest market in the country, and one of the largest in Europe. Every Sunday morning, it attracts between 50,000 and 100,000 visitors to Liège, who peruse the colourful stalls selling fruit and vegetables, cheese, clothes, flowers, and books, all along the river’s edge. It’s a market not to be missed, where you can also learn a few words of Walloon from the chatty traders.


The other name for « pékèt », a grain alcohol distilled in the Meuse region (from Maastricht to Namur) and flavoured with juniper berries, served in tiny glasses into which you pour just a drop… or two.

Oufti !

An exclamation expressing surprise or astonishment. It’s an unavoidable expression in Liège, so much so that it has become the brand name of a sweet.


A very small amount in addition to something, a little extra.


An affectionate expression meaning (your choice): beloved, sweetheart, handsome, cute, kind, lovely.


An overall term referring to all kinds of sweets. Synonym: gougouille.


Order a Dagobert if you want a delicious sandwich composed of baguette, ham, cheese, a hardboiled egg, green salad, and raw vegetables.

Tantôt !

Or “à tantôt!”, means you’ll see each other later the same day.


Although it was originally created at the Antwerp funfair, lacquemant is a culinary speciality from Liège: a soft gaufrette (thin waffle), filled and coated with subtly flavoured syrup. Its recipe is said to be kept in a chest to which the key lies at the bottom of the Meuse river. Best enjoyed at the October Fair.

La Foire d’Octobre

The country’s largest fair, and also its oldest: it was founded in 1594. Every autumn, from the first Saturday in October to 11 November, this fair brings together 175 attractions and catering establishments, attracting around 1,500,000 visitors.

Avoir bon

As in: « “Man, that was so good! » (Mazette, comme j’ai eu bon !). This phrase is regularly heard at the end of a Festival screening, and even more so under the Marquee (Chapiteau). It expresses a more or less blissful state of well-being.