Stay over
in Liège

Getting there

Just a few miles from Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and 3 hours from Paris and Amsterdam, Liège is within reach of Northern Europe’s major attractions. Whether you’re travelling by plane to the regional airport, by train to the majestic Gare des Guillemins station, or by car via the motorway network, you’ll find that all roads lead to Liège. We offer a unique gateway to Europe!


By car

City centre car parks:

  • Parking Saint-Lambert, place Saint-Lambert
  • Parking Cathédrale, place Cathédrale
  • Parking Saint-Denis, place Saint-Denis
  • Parking Saint-Georges, quai de la Batte
  • Parking de la Cité, quai de la Goffe
  • Parking Opéra, place du Théâtre

By train

Station: Liège-Guillemins high-speed rail (TGV) station.
To get to the city centre from the station: bus No 1 or 4

By Car-sharing

Find a car-share near you in no time with Blablacar for a cheaper journey.

By plane

Liège-Bierset airport.
To get to the city centre from the airport: bus No 57

How do I get around in Liège city centre?

By bus

Urban route: bus No 1 or 4
One-day pass on sale at office of the Maison du TEC

By bike

Bikes are ideal for discovering the city and its sights.
Two options for rental:

By taxi

Taxis are available at different key points of the city: gare des Guillemins, rue Léopold, Pont d’Avroy.

Where can I sleep and eat in Liège?

Liège, the Cité ardente, is full of hotels, gîtes, inns and available during the Festival period. There are also a thousand and one restaurants, bistros, brasseries, and cafés of all kinds. The FIFCL has built up strong relationships with a few select partners. Find them here : hotels and restaurants !