Virginie de Clausade and Julien Lepers

Virginie de Clausade and Julien Lepers

Virginie de Clausade and Julien Lepers will be the masters of Ceremonies at the awards ceremony at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège on Saturday the 9th of November.

Virginie de Clausade

After a career in cinema, Virginie de Clasade decided turning to television fiction and animation. She is best known for the presentation of “Les Enfants De La Télé” alongside Arthur but also for the presentation of La Matinale on Fun Radio.
Let’s not forget her roles in several short films and also that she also hosted Star Mag, a magazine dedicated to cinema.
She also turned to the theatrical scene and writing.
Long story short, Virgnie de Clausade is a lover of art in all its forms, cinema, television, theatre, literature, who could fit better to accompany Julien Lepers in the animation of the Closing ceremony?

Julien Lepers

You probably know him from having seen him and seen him again present the emblematic “Questions For A Champion”… but it’s not all. Julien Lepers also has a great musical career as a singer-songwriter in addition to the many shows he has hosted over the years.
What do you mean, what’s he doing at the FIFCL?
First of all, it is a trained animator who will prepare a great Closing ceremony for you !
Secondly, he also has some appearances in films to his credit, “Vilaine”, “Edy”, and also in comedy series such as “Un Gars, Une Fille”.
Not to mention, he’s been here before!