Vincent Desagnat
to be Président Of The Jury 2021!

Mr Vincent Desagnat is wanted in reception

He’s cheeky, funny, delightfully offbeat and a little bit tongue-in-cheek. We love that, which is why we are delighted to announce Vincent Desagnat’s participation in this year’s Festival as President of the Feature Film Jury. Plenty of fun and self-deprecating humour in store.

Since the start of his career, Vincent Desagnat has worn many hats, as a radio and TV host, actor, scriptwriter, and even parody singer. Le Morning Live, Les 11 Commandements, Bratisla Boys, La Beuze, Iznogoud, Menu w9, Fatal Bazooka, Scènes de Ménage, and SHOW!  So many examples, in so many different formats, of his incredible talent for making people laugh.

What else is there to say? Roll on 5 November!

Vincent Desagnat