The official poster
of the 8th edition of FIFCL

A half-smile, and the light grace of dreamers who pass the test of time with elegance. Sunny and luminous, mysterious and generous, Nathalie Baye succeeds Benoît Poelvoorde on the bill for the 8th edition of the Liège International Comedy Film Festival!

She imagined dance and theater, and discovered cinema when she shot “American Night”. And cinema never tires of rediscovering her: at 74, with over 100 films and 4 Césars to her name, Nathalie Baye is an immense actress, both popular and demanding, whom we can’t wait to honor at the 8th edition of the Festival!

A muse to some of the world’s greatest directors, she’s not afraid of anything, and takes on more confidential projects with the same enthusiasm. She “prefers to ask questions rather than answer them”, but we’ll take a chance on revealing a little more about this Grande Dame of the 7th art when she comes to the Festival!

The photographer

Nathalie Eno began her career as an assistant to fashion photographer Dominique Issermann. The latter’s sister, Aline, hired her on the set of the film “Le Destin de Juliette” in 1982. Since then, she’s been making her living on film sets, as a photographer and, occasionally, as an actress!

“When I met Nathalie Baye in 1992, in a hotel room, I had very little time to create a bond, to look at her with a loving gaze that elicited trust and abandonment in return,” she recalls. “I wasn’t on the side of her ‘good profile’, but, capturing her reflection in the mirror, I captured something. She liked the result. Personally, I like the fact that this photo is shared again, that this moment lasts in time and space.”

Official poster credits: Ayant-droit – Nathalie Eno / Graphics © Edouard Chastenet – 120×160 Graphic Designer

The 8th edition of the Liège International Comedy Film Festival will be held from Thursday, November 2 to Monday, November 6, 2023.