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FIFCL – Documentary, short and feature film regulations

Article 1

The Liège International Comedy Film Festival explores bold, popular and unifying cinema through a unique competition: it is the only festival in Europe to program international comedies. The only one, also, to reward them with a Golden or Crystal Bull.

The Festival is aimed at an audience that shares, without distinction or discrimination, a universal value: laughter. Young or experienced, schoolchildren, students, teachers, entrepreneurs or partners, actors, scriptwriters, directors, casting directors… In Liège, everyone laughs, in all languages!

The purpose of the Liège International Comedy Film Festival is, in a spirit of friendship and universal cooperation, to reveal and showcase quality works, with a view to serving the evolution of the cinematographic art and promoting the development of the film industry worldwide.

Article 2

The Liège International Comedy Film Festival does not apply a premiere rule, but special attention will be given to films that have not yet been shown. When registering, please list previous festivals and awards.

The Liège International Comedy Film Festival selects and invites the films that will be presented in the Official Selection, in Previews or in Special Screenings.

The beneficiaries must ensure that they have all the intellectual property rights, image rights and, in general, all the rights of third parties, so that the FIFCL cannot be worried or held responsible during the distribution of the films. Any claim by a third party in relation to the films is likely to exclude the film from the Festival.

Article 3

Once selected, no film can be withdrawn from the program during the Festival.

Article 4

During the Festival, none of the invited films may be screened outside the Festival halls before their official presentation.

Article 5

Only films that meet the following criteria can be chosen and invited to the Official Selection:

  • The competition is open to feature films and shorts, as well as documentaries, comedy, unpublished, of Belgian or international production, having been made during the 12 months preceding the FIFCL.
  • To be eligible for selection, a feature film must be longer than 60 minutes.
  • The Festival does not accept films between 20 and 60 minutes in length.
  • Films of 20 minutes or less may be submitted to the short film selection.
  • Films in competition cannot have been broadcast on the Internet or released on DVD.
  • An Internet link with password is mandatory(e.g. on Vimeo).
  • In case of selection, the final copy of the film must be delivered to Liège by October 12, 2023 at the latest.

The selection committee will be able to view a film:

  • WITHOUT subtitles if the original language of the film is French
  • WITH French subtitles for other languages

Article 6

The deadline for entries for documentaries and short and feature-length films proposed for selection is 11:59 pm on September 19, 2023.

The registration of films must be done on the Register a film page.

The documentaries, shorts and features proposed must be made available to the Festival by October 12, 2023 (DCP/Digital Cinema Package).

Feature films and documentaries :

If the film is shown in one of the Grignoux cinemas (“Churchill” cinema, “Sauvenière” cinema or “Le Parc” cinema), it must be sent in Digital Cinema Package (DCP).

If the film is shown at the Palace cinema (Kinepolis Group), it must be sent to the Gofilex company (mandatory). Gofilex will then send your film to the Festival by network.

Short films :

The film must be sent to Gofilex (Gofilex will then send your film to the Festival by network) or via the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) on a physical hard disk.

For any question related to the submission of your film to the FIFCL, you can contact Youssra RAGBA, via or +32(0) 498 70 16 48.

Article 7

All films must be presented in their original version and subtitled in French (except for films whose original version is in French). Any language in which the film is or will be broadcast in its country of origin is considered an original version.
The Board of Directors and/or the Selection Committee will assess the extent to which a version that does not exactly meet this definition may nevertheless be retained.
The costs of subtitling are to be paid by the Belgian producer, seller or distributor. The screenings during the event are provided by the FIFCL ‘s service providers/partners (the asbl les Grignoux, Kinepolis Group or sub4u).

Article 8

Films selected for the Official Selection agree to display the “Official Selection 2023” logo on all advertising materials FIFCL In addition, the winners and the distribution companies agree to include, on their publicity materials, the mention of the prizes as defined in the graphic charter of the Liege International Comedy Film Festival, available on the official website.

On each communication support (poster, banner, advertising, video related to the presence of the film teams in Liege), the logo of the Liège International Comedy Film Festival must imperatively be on the poster.

The FIFCL logo can be downloaded via theDownload Area.

Article 9

The cost of insuring copies and/or cassettes on the way to and from the event is the responsibility of the owner.

The cost of transporting copies and/or cassettes to and from the site is the responsibility of the owner. The Festival is responsible only for the cost of return transportation.

Article 10

Is your feature film selected? The Festival covers the travel, accommodation and meal expenses of 3 talents per film selected in the Official Selection. Any additional talent will, unless otherwise agreed by the FIFCL Board of Directors, be charged to the Belgian distributor, vendor or producer.

For short films and documentaries: the FIFCL covers all meals and one night in a hotel (with breakfast) for one person. The rest is at the expense of the Belgian distributor, the seller or the producer.

Article 11

Participation in the Liège International Comedy Film Festival implies adherence to these rules.
In case of disagreement on the interpretation of the rules, the French text will prevail.
These rules apply to the entire Official Selection.