SE DIO VUOLE (Se Dio Vuole)

Long métrage en compétition

by Edoardo Falcone

Film length : 87 min
Year : 2017
Original language : Italian (ST French)
Country : Italy
SE DIO VUOLE (Se Dio Vuole)

Marco Giallini, Alessandro Gassman, Laura Morante, Ilaria Spada, Edoardo Pesce, Enrico Oetiker

Edoardo Falcone

Marco Martani, Edoardo Falcone


Tommaso, in his fifties, is an assertive surgeon. With his wife Carla, they raised their children in a spirit of secularism. Now their son has announced his intention to become a priest. SE DIO VUOLE Tommaso decides to follow him on the sly to find out more about this particular priest who has turned his son inside out, determined to "free" him from his influence.