The Origin of the World

Long métrage en compétition

Comédie dramatique by Laurent Lafitte

Film length : 90 min
Year : 2020
Original language : French
Country : France
The Origin of the World

Laurent Lafitte, Karin Viard, Vincent Macaigne, Hélène Vincent, Nicole Garcia

Laurent Lafitte


Jean-Louis realizes on his way home that his heart has stopped. Not a single beat in his chest, no pulse, nothing. However, he is conscious, he speaks, he moves. Is he still alive? Is he already dead? Neither his veterinarian friend Michel, nor his wife Valerie find an explanation for this strange phenomenon. While Jean-Louis panics, Valerie turns to Margaux, her life coach, a bit of a guru, not quite a marabout, but very connected to occult forces. And she has a solution which will put Jean-Louis in front of the ultimate taboo...