Simon cries

Court métrage en compétition

Comédie by Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento

Film length : 18 min
Year : 2018
Original language : French
Country : Belgium

Félix Vannorenberghe, Mélissa Diarra, Xavier Lukomsky, Mailys Dumon, Kabirou Oumarou, Sibylle Du Plessy

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento


Simon, upset by a breakup in love, feels a sadness so great that it overflows. He literally begins to cry his eyes out. He finds himself constantly soaked from head to toe and must now deal with this new physical condition that he does not know how to stop. A meeting will allow him to put his pain into perspective, to accept his sadness and to see it from another angle.