My own circus

Long métrage en compétition

Comédie dramatique by Miryam Bouchard

Film length : 100 min
Year : 2020
Original language : French
Country : Canada
My own circus

Jasmine Lemée, Patrick Huard, Robin Aubert, Sophie Lorain, Jean Lapointe, Louise Latraverse

Miryam Bouchard

Miryam Bouchard and Martin Forget


Since her mother's death, Laura has been following her father Bill, a clown by profession, on tour throughout Quebec. This nomadic life does not appeal to the teenager, who would like to lead a more conventional life. With the help of her math teacher, she has a dream of going to a private college. His father disagrees, believing that one learns more on the road than in school. The one who claims loud and clear his freedom and his difference will have to pound on his principles if he wants to keep the affection and the respect of his only daughter.