My glory days

Long métrage en compétition

Comédie by Antoine De Bary

Film length : 108 min
Year : 2019
Original language : French (ST French)
Country : France
My glory days

Vincent Lacost, Emmanuelle Devos, Christophe Lambert, Noée Abita

Antoine De Bary

Antoine De Bary, Elias Belkeddar


Adrien is a modern day Peter Pan. He may be approaching thirty, but he still lives like a child. As a child, he was successful as an actor, but that was more than ten years ago and today Adrien has no money left. He returned to live with his parents and tried to get his life back on track. Between the possibility of a love story and the possibility of a triumphant return as an actor, Adrien's path will be full of pitfalls.