Music Hole

Long métrage en compétition

Comédie noire by Gaëtan Lekens and David Mutzenmacher

Film length : 87 min
Year : 2019
Original language : French (ST -)
Country : Belgium, France
Music Hole

Tom Audenaert, Vanessa Guide, Wim Willaert

Gaëtan Lekens and David Mutzenmacher

David Mutzenmacher, Gaetan Liekens, Benjamin Court, Stéphane Vauthier, Loïc Flameng, and Caterina Profili


Francis, a small accountant working in a seedy cabaret in Charleroi, has marital problems with his wife Martine. After a violent argument, he wakes up one morning to discover a strange surprise... This is the macabre and zany starting point of a burlesque detective story flavored with fresh "gueuze" and gypsy music, with a background of denial of the disintegration of the couple, where all varieties of neurosis and madness will cross paths.