To ensure that
the movie theaters!


03/11/2023 14:00


Espace Pro Uhoda
rue Saint-Paul 27-31
4000 Liège

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Let’s make a liar out of Eddy Mitchell! What if the curtain on the screen doesn’t fall?

We’re among those who think it’s not time for the last session!

But what can be done to ensure a bright future for cinemas?

The microcosm of Liège is an almost exemplary reflection of the current situation of cinemas in Belgium. Here we find two groups that, although in opposition, share the market fairly evenly (at least that’s what we’re going to find out): Kinépolis and its 21 screens spread over two sites, and Les Grignoux, which manages 8 screens spread over three locations. Based on the example of this cohabitation, we’ll also explore what public authorities could do to help cinema operators in Wallonia. Not to mention the forthcoming resurrection of “104”, massively supported by the Walloon Region.

Despite the obvious signs of recovery, let’s face it: the health crisis has accelerated the decline in movie-going among certain segments of the public! So what should we do to find these infidels? What pricing policy should you apply? What new services can we offer? Is digital marketing the solution? And what about the film offering? Can public authorities do more to help operators? If cinemas survive this umpteenth crisis and celebrate, in 2026, the 130th anniversary of the Lumière brothers’ 1st public screening in Belgium, what will they look like?