Event hours

03/11/2022 20:00
Forum de Liège


30,00 €

Each year, the FIFCL offers a varied and packed programme, with events based on comedy films from the four corners of the globe. Expect surprising discoveries, inspiring encounters, and—a fun-filled opening gala. Crafted by David Strajmayster (Doudi, Samantha from Samantha Oups!), the opening ceremony on 3 November will be no exception to the rule! In addition to the traditional (but thrilling) presentation of this 7th edition, there will be a national preview of the film “Le Petit Piaf” by Gérard Jugnot (in the presence of the film’s crew), and a musical interlude by Mentissa.

Véronique Gallo
Copyright Olivier Pirard
Maîtresse de cérémonie
David Strajmayster
Copyright Jean-Philippe Parienté
Master of ceremonies
Copyright Virgile Guinard
Interlude musical

National film preview

Le petit Piaf

Le petit Piaf

Comedy drama by Gérard Jugnot

In a small village, somewhere on Réunion Island, 10-year-old Nelson dreams of becoming a singer, and has signed himself up for Star Kids. His friend Mia, a street kid, is determined to find him a coach to help him get ready for the competition. She settles on Pierre Leroy, a singer from Paris, currently on tour and performing at the seaside hotel where Nelson’s mother works. But sparks fly between reclusive, disenchanted Pierre and proud, stubborn Nelson. Will their shared passion for singing, the only thing they have in common, be enough to bring them closer and heal their wounds?