Meeting with Cédric Kahn:
the politics of humor


04/11/2023 18:00


Espace Pro Uhoda
rue Saint-Paul 27-31
4000 Liège
Gratuit sur réservation

He’s capable of anything! Director, screenwriter, actor and even, in his early days, assistant editor for a Palme d’Or winner, Cédric Kahn loves mixing genres and blurring the lines. At the FIFCL, he’s proving it more than ever with “Making of”, an exhilarating film that dares to combine politics and comedy! Philippe Reynaert, one of the pillars of our Festival and artistic director of the Rencontres du Film PolitiK de Liège, invites you to meet this rare bird, with whom we can discuss such powerful films as “Roberto Succo”, “Les Anarchistes”, “Novembre” and the recently released “Procès Goldman”.