02/11/2023 21:00


Chapiteau Place Cathédrale
Place Cathédrale
4000 Liège

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Dombar is the new Deep House project from Liège-based producer Grégoire Gerstmans. Grégoire comes from a large family of classical musicians. Trained as a percussionist, he has been playing the piano since childhood, and soon surrounded himself with synthesizers and electronic machines. After finishing his art studies, he became very interested in video art (BilliViola, Sadie Benning), and Grégoire directs all his own clips, as well as those of other artists. Dombar is a project based on two energies: electro and piano. A bit like hot and cold, light and dark, material and void Dombar is a Deep House project, minimal with a touch of progressive like its fathers Stephan Bodzin, Cubicolor, HVOB and Paul Kalkbrenner. For the piano, Dombar draws inspiration from artists such as Philip Glass and Nils Frahm. The universe blends the elegant and the raw, the escapist and the dizzying.