Are you ready for the first official announcement?

Are you ready for the first official announcement?

This year, it is with great pleasure that we will welcome Raphaël Mezrahi… Who? You probably know him better as Hughes Delatte! Remember that outdated journalist who had the ability to annoy and make many celebrities laugh with his incongruous questions?

In total, he will have tricked no less than 136 people, you probably know some of them! There were Jean Pierre Castaldi, Nabilla, Jean Pierre Pernaut or American stars such as Brad Pitt or even Georges Clooney!

His reputation in the comic world is well established and it is with pleasure that he accepted to become… (in tribute to his career as a talented and daring journalist of course)

So you guessed it?


What do you mean, why? Precisely because he is a great fit for this role! Journalist-trickster, could we dream of someone fitting better?