Rouge Du Poivre

Since July 2017 located in the heart of the Liège standard stadium, an emblematic place in the Liège region, Nicolas CALCAGNINI and his team are delighted to welcome you to their contemporary and warm restaurant.

With a large free parking space at your disposal, you will have easy access to the restaurant which is located on the tribun 1 on the 1st floor. Access PRM also.

This restaurant offers a varied menu that changes every 6 weeks. Mediterranean in appearance, the various culinary preparations are presented to delight all those who love good food.
A simple quick dough over a lunch period? A lunch between meetings? Enjoy a 6-course tasting menu? The chef has planned everything so that you can have a good time at his place.

On the wine cellar side, a nice wine list of French and Italian wines at 25€

The restaurant is open from Monday noon to Friday noon
In the evening on Monday evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening

Rue de la centrale 2 - Tribune 1 - 1er étage - 4000 Sclessin

Rouge Du Poivre

Rue de la centrale, n°2
4000 Sclessin
Tribune 1 – 1er étage

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