Watch out, laughter is contagious !

Laughter is a real value of life.
The FIFCL wishes to promote comedy, in a broad sense, to the greatest number of people, without any discrimination of any kind whatsoever.
We wish to introduce the public to films that are regional, national or international, coming from all around the world – but also, and mainly, we wish to show the wealth of comedy in its different styles and variants!
Comedy is not only comic: it is also dramatic, romantic, social or even horrific.
Our focus/wish is – and will remain over the years – to reveal the capacity of comedy to raise public awareness of multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism: laughter affects everyone, regardless of origin, religion, language or age.

You were a little more than 10,000 festival-goers in 2018, we are looking forward to seeing you and many more people in 2019 !


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