13 euros

At the restaurant, a dinner with friends comes to an end. Everyone has paid their share, but 13 euros are still missing… Shall we divide?

Motherless Child

Barbara, 30, a hardened spinster, is a typical example of the modern woman, a “working girl” living at 100km/h. A prisoner of technology, she is constantly connected to her smartphone. His routine is turned upside down when a mysterious balloon from the...

Maybe Next Time

A female coder is forced to take part in a brainstorming meeting with the group’s young marketing manager to help him build the tech company’s new recruitment campaign for female talent. Full of clichés and preconceived ideas, the young man’s...

Happy birthday Margoline

Margoline, an old maid, is getting ready to celebrate her birthday in front of her favorite TV sitcom. This year, she prays with all her heart that her wish will come true: that love will come knocking at her door. Suddenly, a thief breaks into her home. A series of...

Love on the beach

After the screenplay for her film “Love on the Beach” won unanimous acclaim, a young author is forced to change her story to suit the market economy.