The making of the world

“A megalomaniac, all-powerful director. Actors scavenged from the shallows. A team overwhelmed by events. And yet… Yet they hold in their hands the greatest fiction of all time! “

Portrait of a missing woman

Worn out by her daily routine, fishmonger Sabine decides to leave her store and venture out of her village. Her quickest escape is the village school bus that takes her to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, where a museum audio guide helps her find the new lease of life...

The foreman’s wife

A handful of days in the life of Sofia and Alex. Together, they prepare “The Foreman’s Wife”, a play directed by Sofia and starring Alex.

13 euros

At the restaurant, a dinner with friends comes to an end. Everyone has paid their share, but 13 euros are still missing… Shall we divide?

Motherless Child

Barbara, 30, a hardened spinster, is a typical example of the modern woman, a “working girl” living at 100km/h. A prisoner of technology, she is constantly connected to her smartphone. His routine is turned upside down when a mysterious balloon from the...