Il Campione

Long métrage en compétition

Comédie dramatique by Leonardo D'Agostini

Film length : 105 min
Year : 2019
Original language : Italian (ST French)
Country : Italy
Il Campione

Stefano Accorsi, Andrea Carpenzano, Ludovica Martino, Anita Caprioli, Mario Sgueglia, Giorgio Ridarelli, Massimo Popolizio, Camilla Semino Favro, Giulio Maroncelli

Leonardo D'Agostini

Gianni Vezzosi


Christian Ferro seems to have it all: at just 20 years old, he lives in a huge villa, owns several luxury cars, has an influential girlfriend, thousands of fans and a contract worth millions of euros at AS Roma. However, his brilliant career as a striker is quickly threatened by his irascible behavior and the delinquent acts he repeatedly commits under the bad influence of his friends. Born in Trullo, a suburban district of the capital, the champion has behind him several years of misery and decadence with a father who is absent and a mother who left too early. No coach, psychologist or personal trainer can reason with him: Christian keeps on multiplying anti-social attitudes favored by the impunity enjoyed by these stars to whom the public forgives (almost) everything. The club president decided to require the student to pass the maturity exam in order to instill discipline and improve his reputation.