Everything is earned

Court métrage en compétition

Comédie by Pierre Amstutz Roch

Film length : 15 min
Year : 2019
Original language : French
Country : France

Lionel Abelanski , Phillipe Duquesne, David Salles , Camille Japy, Francois Nadin , Jacqueline Corado, Isabelle Caillat

Pierre Amstutz Roch

Pierre Amstutz Roch


Stéphane, in his fifties, loses his job overnight. At the bottom of the abyss with his wife Fiona, he is ready to do anything to find a job. Including killing his main rival!
After devising a plan, the couple of amateur killers go to Marc's house to eliminate him. But it is without counting on their bad luck and especially their clumsiness...