Long métrage en compétition

Comédie by Tristan Séguéla

Film length : 90 min
Year : 2019
Original language : French (ST -)
Country : France

Michel Blanc, Hakim Jemili, Solène Rigot, Franck Gastambide

Tristan Séguéla

Tristan Séguéla and Jim Birmant


On Christmas Eve, a worn-out SOS doctor from 20 years in the business sends an Uber Eats delivery boy to treat patients for him. It's Christmas Eve. The luckiest Parisians are getting ready to unwrap their gifts with their families. Others watch television alone at home. Others, like Serge, work. Serge was the only SOS doctor on duty that night. His colleagues have all shied away from him. In any case, he no longer has a say because he has taken too many liberties with the practice of medicine, and the radiation is hanging over his head. The visits follow one another and Serge tries to keep up with the pace, with bad grace, when the address of his next consultation comes up. It is Rose's, a family relation, who calls him for help. He arrives on the scene at the same time as an Uber Eats delivery man, Malek, also on duty that evening...