Prizes offered by the feature film jury

A week of broadcasting in both Kinépolis Liège as well as 3 consecutive Mondays at Kinépolis de Braine-l'Alleud (Extended broadcasting in case of success) and 50/50 on the revenues shared with the Belgian distributor.

RTBF offers a prize worth €10,000 to the Belgian distributor for the purchase of TV rights

A media campaign offered by SudPresse and VLAN

Postproduction offerte par Mikros Technicolor Liège à faire-valoir pour votre prochain film (le montant sera prochainement annoncé)

Prizes offered by the critics’ jury


Prizes offered by the short film jury

The Festival offers 1,500 euros to the winning director

Aftertouch Studio offers 2,500 euros of post-production to be used for the next short film by the winning director

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