Prizes offered by the feature film jury


A week of broadcasting in both Kinépolis Liège as well as 3 consecutive Mondays at Kinépolis de Braine-l'Alleud (Extended broadcasting in case of success) and 50/50 on the revenues shared with the Belgian distributor.

RTBF offers a prize worth €10,000 to the Belgian distributor for the purchase of TV rights

A media campaign offered by SudPresse and VLAN

Mikros offers the producer a service voucher worth €15,000 for post-production (for an expense of €50,000)

Prizes offered by the critics’ jury


Prizes offered by the short film jury

The Festival offers 1,500 euros to the winning director

Aftertouch Studio offers 2,500 euros of post-production to be used for the next short film by the winning director

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