“Step by step one goes far”?

Since 2016, we have been doing our utmost to offer, every year, previews, school screenings, film lessons, extras castings, master classes, conferences, workshops, meetings with film teams, signing sessions, tributes and many other activities that, we hope, will make your eyes sparkle a little.

A busy schedule, a year of intensive preparation and many hours of hard work. All this is obviously done in a team. A passionate, dedicated and invested team, eager to put comedy in the spotlight. Valuable volunteers and partners who allow the festival to grow over time. The only festival in Belgium to reward comedies and the only festival in Europe to reward international comedies, the FIFCL shines above all for its societal aspect, but also for its cultural, economic, touristic, culinary and educational aspects.

We wish to bring together all generations and all social backgrounds because laughter belongs to everyone. Even if it is practiced and understood in different ways, the feeling that drives it remains unchanged.

For all of these reasons, and especially three wonderful first editions, why not go for a fourth?

Let’s move on to a fourth edition!

From Wednesday the 6th to Sunday the 10th of November 2019, we will be back in Liege to bring comedy to life for a few days.

Half a week punctuated by some highlights. These include the Opening Ceremony that will be held at the Forum de Liège, and the prize-giving ceremony at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie. It goes without saying that once again, two personalities will be honoured at these two prestigious galas.

Let’s also mention our marquee which will be located for the second time in the Place Cathédrale.

What else?

Well, an ever more international program, the desire to surprise you, to innovate, to stand out and to offer more and more exceptional encounters. Who could step onto the festival floor after Josiane Balasko, Gérard Darmon, Patrice Leconte, Jaco Van Dormael, Michel Cymes, Éric Judor, Stéphane Guillon, Jonathan Cohen, Daniel Prévost, Bouli Lanners, Olivier Gourmet or Michèle Laroque… and so many others?

Do you want more?

What we promise is an even more ambitious 4th edition. Magic, dream, madness and always more laughter. So from November the 6th to the 10th, is that written down? We are waiting for you, dear festival-goers.

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