Brasserie du Bernalmont

Pierre-Yves Charlier opened his restaurant La Brasserie du Bernalmont on the 5th of October 2016. Passionate about cooking, he decided to launch his business.

His mother is of Italian origin and she has passed on her cooking passion to him. This is why you can find on the menu – and especially on the specials of the day – many family recipes that were passed on to him by his mother but also by his grandmother.

He attaches great importance to product quality. He cooks according to what he finds on the market, while his mature meats come directly from Rungis.

You will find pieces of Salers, Gallice, Bavaria in his meat counter.

It’s up to you to choose which piece Pierre-Yves will cook for you.

Rue de Bernalmont 2 4000 Liège

Brasserie du Bernalmont

Rue de Bernalmont 2
4000 Liège

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