Afterwork at B19 Liège-Bocholtz
FIFCL organizers' meeting

FIFCL, you name it!
Laughter, heart, conviviality! An intro film, the 10th anniversary of Cinélabel asbl, a presentation and a round of applause: the atmosphere was top-notch as we welcomed the 4 Fantastiques who are developing the Liège International Comedy Film Festival!

7 editions already, and figures that make your head spin, and anecdotes that delight! Nicolas Vandenkerckhoven, Adrien François, Samuel Danas and Julien Delaunois share the microphones and tell us all about the artists, the screenings, the prizes, the partners, the big top, the volunteers, the slabs, all the teams and the co-organizers. And they agree: FIFCL is an ecosystem with local roots, but with a national and international vocation. A fiery heart in November, he works all year round to make Liège the place to be for comedy.

This is because the Festival offers broader reflections and touches on the issues of creation and financing of the genre, or what underlies this whole microcosm of film culture as the engine of a much larger economy. And may he set himself even higher ambitions! Coming soon: a Espace Pro, a comedy film market: the first in the world to be held in Liège! And soon, a new milestone will be reached: the opening of the guest list to artists from the English-speaking world.

As a climax, Manuel Houssais, who joins the FIFCL Selection Committee, quotes an excerpt from Truffaut’s “American Night”: “Films are more harmonious than life. There’s no traffic jam in films, no dead time. Films move like trains, you understand, like trains in the night. People like you, like me, as you well know, we’re made to be happy in our work, in our cinematic work.

The date is set for November 2 to 6, 2023! More information on

Bernadette Pâques, CEO srl
Michel Houet, Photographer at Tilt photographie